Guy Running Into His Crush On UberPool Is Just Too Cute

Uber Philippines launched its #UberSTORIES ad series on Monday, April 17, with "Kilig"

The ad is based on the experience of Uber rider AJ Tabangay on June 2016. AJ tweeted about how he ended up sharing an UberPOOL ride with his longtime crush, and Uber used the story for its ad series.

See if this ad has you smile......

Japanese Boy Band Releases MV Where All Nine Members Kiss Each Other

In the Japanese idol industry, competition to get attention from fans is fierce. An all-male idol group became the focus of such widespread attention, thanks to their latest music video. MeseMoa recently release the MV for their new song 'Shadow Kiss'. The video, set in a church, shows the boys repeatedly kissing each other for almost the entire song,

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